James’ News & Progress – 12 January 2009

I’m not going to lie to you, New Year’s Day was one of the slowest to date as two weeks of festive season celebrations firmly took their toll. After making it out of bed around midday, I was back in the sack for a little siesta around 4pm, followed by a relatively early night even though an ex-flatmate from London and his fiancée were over for dinner.

Saturday first thing I made a phone call to the venue, which was hosting the wedding that I was scheduled to attend that afternoon. After enquiring how wheelchair friendly it was I was met with a firm “We have never had a wheelchair at one of our functions”. That said, later that day, I was seen being held aloft by four black tie-wearing party goers making their way down the seventeen sandstone steps and to the baths at water level. An amazing evening culminated in my debut appearance on the dance floor of one of Sydney’s less salubrious nightclubs. Subsequently, my arms lay motionless until well into the next day recovering from what can only be described as semi-rhythmic flailing. Surely there must be some physical benefit from these types of nights?
Overall, the first week back in the gym was relatively quiet as I worked out some of the cobwebs and the last of the many UK visitors returned home. A fuller schedule of therapy awaits next week.