James’ News & Progress – 17 January 2009

You may remember, prior to Christmas, my right calf was injected with Botox to assist with both spasms and standing balance. This week, I managed to stand unassisted quite comfortably for about 15 minutes and seemed to have increased control in weight shifting. Ultimately this meant that I could start shadow boxing ever so slowly in the upright position. In addition, it seems my hips are slightly stronger which has enabled me to shift my knees forward and back as well as side-to-side whilst in a supported kneeling position. Maybe a couple of quieter weeks should be taken more often.

An old college friend who is now a fully trained chiropractor paid me a visit to help release some of the tension I am consistently experiencing in my back given that I pivot off a certain point for the majority of my exercises. Not having much experience with chiropractors, and having heard various anecdotes to the profession’s detriment, I am happy to convey my first session was remarkably helpful. Just another element to add to my already hectic routine…

Walking in the parallel bars has become the new focus in some of my physio sessions and it is becoming somewhat easier with every attempt. What I am now finding challenging is mastering manoeuvring myself from my chair into the standing position. Although I only need minimal assistance I still require the aid of the bars to help me lever myself upright. Hopefully, it is only a matter of time and practice before I am strong enough to complete this independently.
Wednesday 13 January, a group of us enjoyed a night out at the Sydney Opera House for my birthday. Bale de Rua is a Brazilian street dance production that recounts the history of Brazil through song and dance and was truly spectacular. My 30th year was not quite what I had planned it to be, however, one I will be proud of in the future, more for the intensity of focus than the more frivolous achievements I had foreseen prior to my accident.