James’ News & Progress – 6 March 2009

This week started with an outing to the Super 14 Rugby last Friday night at the Sydney Football Stadium to see the N.S.W. Waratahs comfortably beat the Otago Highlanders in what was arguably their best game of the season. Following a routine two to three hours in the gym on Saturday and Sunday morning, the rest of the weekend was spent catching up with a very good friend (James “Bruce” McGeoch) who had flown over from the UK to administer the weekend sessions.

The working week began positively with the introduction of a new apparatus in physio which enabled James to stand upright with much of his body weight removed. The main purpose of this machine is to mimic the early stages of leg movement and hopefully encourage the transfer of weight from one leg to another. This was helped by increased strength in the abdominal and back muscles which have been an important focus over recent weeks.

In addition, this week a new mid-wheel drive electric wheelchair (six wheels) is being trialled, having replaced the previous rear-wheel drive. Early view is that rear-wheel drive is better outdoors however the mid-wheel drive is more manoeuvrable indoors.

Moorong’s state-of-the-art hydrotherapy facility was also in use this week with two timetabled sessions. (see photo in gallery) James finds these sessions particularly useful given the gravity-free environment.
As always there has been a steady stream of friends and family assisting with massaging, stretching and general physical manipulation with the hope of enhancing recovery.

A different end to the week saw physios, carers and mum and dad attend the ‘Disability and Handicapped Equipment Fair at Rosehill Racecourse. Hence, don’t be surprised if you see James in the not too distant future, cutting across Bondi Beach in a new sled with sand friendly tyres.

That’s it for now. Wheeling off till next week!