Sharks, Expos and Sponsorship

Who in their right mind would seriously signup for a 1.6km ocean swim starting at Shark Bay?

Apart from the above, a local quadriplegic (a.k.a. me) and his ever-supportive, bikini-clad fiancee (the only one out of 300+ competitors) entered to attempt their first-ever ocean swim – The Bay to Breakers. Website here.

I am immensely proud and happy to announce that after 1 hour, 24 minutes and approximately 47 seconds, Sarah and I were finally back on solid ground. Our combined body heat working overtime to return her lips back to normality and counteract the overwhelming exhaustion my body was engulfed by. The memory of the final 200 m and struggling around the outgoing rip with my “spaghetti arms” almost failing to emerge from the water following every stroke, will be with me for years to come. As will the standing ovation I was met with by the particularly patient crowd in situ on the beach.

Overall, a thoroughly satisfying achievement with a huge thank you needed to my good friend George Hardy and unbelievable father who swam the entire race by my side, adjusting my paddles and goggles when necessary. I am already planning my training regime for another shot at the title next year.



With Empower Golf gaining further exposure and profile, I found myself attending the number of Expos over the last couple of months displaying the Paragolfer and marketing the initiative. It is amazing the response and the emotion of some individuals when they realise for the first time they can now stand up and swinging a golf club again. Priceless to say the least.

Media opportunities have also appeared with radio interviews, TV appearances and printed articles combining for real impact and penetration into the market. I particularly enjoy the challenge of trying to succinctly articulate Empower Golf’s mission and strategy on the spot in real-time as well as give the initiative tangibility for the different target audiences. Definitely something to work on in the future.

TV:  Weekend Sunrise here          Radio: 2GB 873AM here

Finally, after months of patiently waiting I now have a full set of Titleist clubs, very kindly provided by the manufacturer, to continue my pursuit back to single figures. Seriously exciting.