James’ News & Progress – 17 April 2009

Unfortunately, after waking up on Good Friday feeling a little under the weather, most of the Easter break was spent lying low with minimal energy left for hitting the gym.

On Sunday morning following a set of observations by the nurses at Moorong, I was informed that I had a temperature and that my body was telling me that something was wrong. Never being one to listen to nurses, I took off home to spend Easter Sunday with my unbelievably, supportive family who have literally been by my side and absolutely amazing since I first fell.

As we are still not set up for me to stay out overnight at home, I grabbed a cab back to Rehab. as usual for a Sunday night, only to be told that I had picked up a groin infection and was immediately sent by ambulance (which I thought might be a bit over the top) to Royal North Shore Hospital for an Ultrasound and potentially a day or two on intravenous antibiotics. We all know how much I just love hospitals and especially needles….

I am happy to report that it was only a minor infection (perhaps due to being a little run down) and that the Ultrasound was clear, however, it did mean that I missed four days of therapy and have been advised to take it easy for a couple more.

Although this meant that the week has been relatively frustrating from a therapy perspective, whilst over at North Shore, I was able to attend my second Hand Clinic appointment. The Hand Clinic is a dedicated hour with a panel of hand specialists (therapists and surgeons) who review progress over the last two months and advise of new treatments and exercises to increase strength and functionality as my hands and upper limbs improve. The overall view was very positive especially with the confirmation that some of the larger muscle groups in my left arm are now present and many of the ratings across both hands, arms and fingers have been upgraded. Left handed golf here I come:) This was encouraging and of course, motivating given the amount of hours allocated to exercises. It is clear however, that we still have a lot more work to do in these areas, with functionality (life skills) being the priority.

The only other major excitement from this week was when my brother, Martin, arrived home from the Royal Easter Show carrying the David Hasselhoff showbag, aptly named ‘Don’t Hassel the Hoff’, complete with Hoff sweatbands/headbands, Hoff t-shirt and of course, a complimentary Hasselhoff wig. Will try to put some shots on the website for next week.