James’ News & Progress – 17 November 2009

As many of you know, given there is no miracle cure for spinal cord injuries yet on the market I am endeavouring to try anything to try and recover. As such, over the past couple of weeks, reflexology has been thrown into the fray. Currently, this consists of 2 sessions a week administered by my doting Aunty for up to two hours a session. I am the first to admit I was initially a bit of sceptic, however, it seems to increase sensation (albeit just during the massage) and promotes flexibility in the ankle. I am becoming increasingly fond and thankful for these sessions especially given their therapeutic quality which occasionally culminates in a cheeky afternoon nap.

On the more challenging side, I was asked by my physiotherapist whether I had ever attempted walking backwards. Moments later whilst in my frame, I gave it my best shot, however, even though I do have some strength in my hamstrings (more left than right) it requires much assistance. Maybe this is something that will be better to attempt in the pool in the coming weeks.

Monday morning saw the launch of Spinal Cord Injuries Australia’s ‘Walk On’ at the Opera House, which is an exercise-based rehabilitation centre that has been modelled on ‘Project Walk’ which was founded in California. After establishing a site in Brisbane recently they are hoping to open a similar facility in Sydney. Obviously I will follow their progress over the coming months.

Finally, a fantastic Sunday fundraising luncheon was hosted by one of Mum’s close friends with around forty guests in attendance. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make an appearance myself but, by the looks of one or two of the guests on Monday morning, the day/evening was a screaming success.