James’ News & Progress – 22 December 2009

As the Christmas period approaches quickly, the balance between work and rest both mentally and physically is once again in question. In my life to date, I can honestly say I’ve never been more committed to a single goal over a 12 month period. Physically it has been incredibly testing but the true core of the challenge rests firmly in the mind. As such, although I obviously need to give myself some time off, my mind struggles with this concept. I guess the many engagements which seem to be filling my diary will, in reality, dictate how the festive season unfolds.

Now that my balance in kneeling is strong enough to remain upright for some time, this week I managed to box with pads in short, sharp bursts for the first time which was very exciting given I couldn’t maintain the kneeling position without support just over six weeks ago.

On Thursday in an absolute whirlwind two and a half hours, supported by my rockstar sister, Penny, I was lucky enough to start and almost completely finish my Christmas shopping. This must be a record for me given my indecisive nature and amateur driving skills in the shopping centre. Wrapping the presents and writing the cards may take a little longer I’m afraid.

At the end of the week, after agreeing to participate in some marketing for Bioness (a company which makes the electrical stimulation device that I had previously used to assist my walking), a camera crew and producer arrived at my rehab centre to film an interview and show the progress in my walking to be released the following week on national television. It proved to be quite an entertaining morning given it was my television debut. No doubt the end product will be even more so. I will include the link (assuming it’s not too embarrassing) in next week’s blog.