James’ News & Progress – 22 May 2009

My Friday night started with a 7 point turn to negotiate through the front door of a good friend’s apartment followed by a tight reverse from the kitchen into the dining room to make it to the head of the dining table. What followed was an exquisite three course meal, with the piéce de résistance being stewed rhubarb with home made custard – this confirmed my choice of Brad Wheaton as the Most Improved Domestic Gentleman 2009. Needless to say after a couple of bottles of rosé between us, negotiating my way back out was slightly more entertaining (drink driving rules in a power chair have yet to be consulted).

Saturday it was time turn back the clock somewhat and mix it up with the young guns at a close family friend’s 21st. What I would do to be that age again! Not being able to keep up with them anymore, I passed on the harbour cruise part of the evening but it was great to see many of the students from old beloved St. Andrews College attack the night with textbook enthusiasm. What I should say is that it was Sarah’s last day in town so I clearly preferred to spend the evening with her.

After six weeks out of the pool I had a very encouraging hydrotherapy session this week with noticeably more flexibility and strength in my left arm and increased range in the lower torso. That said, any type of recognisable backstroke is still a long way off and without at least two forms of flotation devices there would be more bubbles than breaststroke!

Another exciting opportunity presented itself with a visit from our friendly orthotics specialist who has recently begun trialling a new type of technology from the US called the BioNess. The BioNess is a small strap which sits just below the knee on the upper calf. It electronically stimulates the leg at the knee and ankle to mimic the movements made when progressing forward. In my case this equipment was used to identify whether my leg would react accordingly. Hopefully it will be of benefit in the future.

Unfortunately the torrential rain in Sydney at the end of the week meant that my scheduled fishing trip (before you ask – with electric reel) was postponed so I guess Nemo and his little friends will live another day for now.