James’ News & Progress – 27 June 2009

After the phenomenon of last Friday night, this weekend started with a cheeky DVD (Super Bad – one of my all time trashy favourites) and early lights out. A prompt start on Saturday morning meant we were in the pool for hydrotherapy by around 10.30 and completed a worthwhile session with the right knee starting to unlock on demand (which has been a problem in previous weeks). Following my weekly osteopathy appointment, I was off to an engagement party of a very good Australian friend who was back from the UK. I ended up having a very encouraging conversation with a guest who had previously suffered a debilitating stroke and had just learnt to walk again (using a frame) after almost 7 years – what an impressive and determined guy. It turned out being quite a full and entertaining day as we were using the Nuggét (Martins brown commodore) as the chosen form of transport and therefore many a car transfer was performed (the physios were very impressed). The inclement weather meant I was man handled with the best of them as we tried to speed up the transfers.

The “working week” started with a very entertaining fishing trip to one of the local wharfs with the recreational therapist from Moorong. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to land anything, however I can confirm that my slightly unorthodox casting was relatively consistent albeit lacking any respectable distance. We’ll have the photo’s posted very shortly.

In the gym I was lucky enough to begin trialling some new technology from the States which uses electronic simulation around the knee to promote forward movement through the lower half of your leg which is what I struggle with. Hopefully I will be able to continue as one of the guinea pigs as initial signs were encouraging.

The week came to a close with my first shopping outing at the local supermarket, in my powerchair, accompanied by my friendly occupational therapist. To his dismay his main role was to retrieve the various pieces of fruit and vegetables which I managed to spread across much of the grocery section. Shame he didn’t pick up the bill.

On my return to the kitchen at Moorong it was time to try my hand at slicing vegetables and attempting to create a gourmet sandwich. After almost an hour and a half I had the semblance of a mildly edible treat. Unfortunately given I was over eager with the fillings involved, when it came to eating time, with my limited dexterity, the majority of the contents ended up all over my house (ie in my lap). Although I had a lot of fun doing it I think catering for a 12 person dinner party is still a bit beyond me for now.