James’ News & Progress – 30th Oct 2012

Over the last couple of weeks, I have spent numerous hours researching developments in spinal cord injury globally, understanding the focus of clinical trials and liaising with physicians, researchers and hospitals to try gauge how far modern medicine has come to date. As you can imagine, there is a serious jungle of information out there. Everything from stem cell treatments in India, to hand function trials in Florida.

I guess for anyone in my position or for individuals facing challenges everywhere, we have a particular motivation to stay informed and abreast of breakthroughs and options.

I am seriously debating whether an international trip is warranted to participate in certain clinical trials. Due to relatively small numbers of spinal cord injured individuals in Australia, recruiting participants for research and conducting meaningful trials is particularly difficult. Hence my quandary.

Although I am yet to commit, walking and hand function trials are clearly the most appealing, as well as molecular innovations in reputable countries. By their absolute nature though, all investigative projects involve health risks in one form or another.

One of my missions over the summer is to spend more time on the water if possible. As such, I am in the process of trying to procure a kayak or canoe with stabilisers which I can co-captain with a brave friend or two over the next couple of months. I’m sure you’ll see the photos shortly.