Naturebound November

A picture speaks a thousand words……..november-kayaking

Once a brief assessment of logistics was completed, I stood up and was lowered into the bucket seat.november-kayaking2

Although initially, the balance was a bit of an issue (as was my handgrip on the paddle), it was AWESOME to be back on the water kayaking for the first time.november-kayaking3

A good friend’s wedding provided a perfect opportunity for Sarah and me to ‘warm-up’ for the silly season.warm up for the silly season

Who said quadriplegics can’t dance.who said quadriplegics cant dance

Finally, it was time to hit the range after almost 4 years. The Paragolfer (below), is a German designed golf buggy which can stand up an individual with paralysis or leg injuries. Pretty amazing I must say.

To see my form with a club in hand click here

Another golfing device I am trialling is called the Solo rider. John kindly let me borrow the cart to hit some range balls at his local course, Bankstown Golf Club.

Really, now I just need practice, either standing up with stabilising bar in my left hand, with the Paragolfer or Solo rider. Whichever proves to be the most consistent, will be the method of choice.

All in all, a busy and exciting month.