James’ News & Progress – 13 June 2009

Following a busy morning at hydrotherapy and osteopathy on Saturday given it was a breathless sunny winters day, I ended up spending the afternoon with ice cream in hand down at Balmoral Beach watching some enthusiastic windsurfers. Similarly on Sunday I took the opportunity to take my motorised cart into one of the local harbour side parks with a couple of beers and a few old college mates to reminisce of days gone by. Due to its proximity to home, I enjoyed being able to motor my own way back, albeit as the weather was turning and the sunlight fading quickly.

With the Puffin Magic Ball coming up on Friday it was always going to be a busy and exciting week. In addition to my girlfriend Sarah arriving, I was informed that on Thursday I would be subjected to the first stage of my baclofen trial. This involves directly injecting the anti spasm drug into my spinal chord to evaluate whether the baclofen pump could be inserted in the future. As injections have never been my strong point, being woken up to a needle wielding doctor first thing was confronting to say the least. However, after a day of periodically testing strength and ability in the gym, I can confirm that the overall result was positive.

Unfortunately I have had to move into a dorm room at Moorong this week. I have been told that some of the new clients coming across from Royal North Shore Hospital are carrying highly contagious infections and require the single rooms. This is obviously a concern from a health perspective for both the staff and the clients alike. On a personal front, given that I am such a light sleeper and still one of the only patients without a TV (by choice, as I see it as a distraction from rehab,) I sincerely hope that my rehabilitation will not be as affected as much as my previous stint in a dorm environment. In addition early morning massage and strengthening work performed with Dad has to cease due to the communal situation.

Finally, most of Friday was spent making last minute alterations to the dinner jacket and “Puffinalia” prior to the evenings festivities. I look forward to reporting on all the shenanigans in next week’s edition.