James’ News & Progress – 6 June 2009

As previously discussed, hydrotherapy continues to be a high priority for my rehabilitation and given that I am currently only in the pool for one hour a week it was time to exercise another option outside of Moorong. Therefore on Saturday we ventured to a local hydrotherapy pool to continue with many of the anti gravitational exercises and strengthening activities with great success. Physically manoeuvering in and out of the pool was exhausting at first given the new environment however well worthwhile and meant an afternoon siesta was needed by all involved.

With a planned fishing trip organised by the recreational specialists coming up, Monday morning was spent practising my adopted casting and retrieving techniques with various degrees of success. Safe to say that we wont be heading out on the open water but a trip down to the local ferry wharf may suffice as long as adequate restraining barriers are in place as we intend to take the manual wheel chair as the preferred mode of transport. When I last checked the buoyancy of wheelchairs was minimal especially with a passenger of my size and shape!

As we are reviewing numerous rehabilitation opportunities to continue with my physical goals once my time at Moorong is up, this week we visited one of Sydney’s premier private rehabilitation centres, Mt. Wilga. In addition I spent an afternoon at Sydney University’s Cumberland Campus to investigate some of the electrical stimulation research projects being carried out by the Health Sciences Faculty. These include a standing / balance project and an exercise bike program specifically targeting spinal chord injuries, which presents a unique opportunity to work with specialist researchers in the field. A decision will be made on both these opportunities in coming weeks.

Finally, given the recent success with Martin’s nuggét (brown commodore station wagon) and car transfers, at the end of the week we received approval from the physios to execute without supervision. This obviously opens up a number of options for increased travel in general and will save on taxi expenses going forward. Watch out with Martin behind the wheel – Sydney drivers …… beware!