James’ News & Progress – 13 March 2009

On the medical front, we have had a very positive week with two encouraging trips to Royal North Shore resulting in another reduction in daily medications. James is now pretty much drug-free, apart from anti-spasm drugs which are very common for spinal cord injury patients and a constant frustration when working in the gym, trying to sleep or working with therapists. There are mixed opinions on the pros and cons of spasticity, as although spasms build muscle tone and activate movement, they can give a spinal cord trauma victim false hope given their involuntary nature.

The physiotherapists have been very proactive in assisting James into the standing position, however, James has been frustrated with his inability to unlock his legs at the knees and make the initial forward movement through his hips. Overall, the week has been very tiring and the hope is that, after a relaxing weekend, James will be able to refocus this week.
This week’s timetable included an unusual hour designated to viewing a 1980’s educational video titled ‘Sex after Spinal Cord Injury’ featuring Hector, a Mexican paraplegic with a very distinguished tash (moustache for the older generation), and his nubile, enthusiastic partner. Looking forward to an updated version shortly.

Signing off from Royal Rehab in Ryde.