James’ News & Progress – 25th Sept 2012

My Little Friend, Sarah’s birthday fell which prompted a long celebratory lunch on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and a night away. Impeccable timing I am sure you would agree after her recent holiday back to Europe…birthday

Amazing to think back over the last 3 birthdays together to see where we have come from both physically and geographically. Although it may not seem too significant to most, just being able to spend a relatively spontaneous weekend away together is a small achievement for us. Not to mention, thoroughly enjoyable. Some would argue, a just reward for such long periods of hard work.

As I may have mentioned in previous entries, I am currently assessing whether public speaking and presenting could satisfy some of my non-rehabilitation focused, cerebral desires. With this in mind, a good friend Perko invited me to attend an insurance broker Monday morning seminar where a Canadian guest speaker, Corey Collins, would address the audience and talk of his medical complications and life journey. As with any new endeavour, market research and knowledge of different individuals styles and stories can only assist in formulating a unique angle in what is surely an ever-growing speakers market.

For most people, a good nights sleep involves numerous position changes and adjustments. For me, as well as many quadriplegics, independently rolling in bed is particularly difficult if not impossible. As such, 99% of my sleeping time is spent stargazing on my back. What is a logical byproduct of this slumber scenario? You guessed it…….Snoring!

I have alluded to this before, but here is another excellent example of a simple side-effect of spinal cord injury. Probably not the most commonly appreciated complication by many, however, they all add to the proverbial paralysis pot.

What do you look like when you are completing an in-house sleep assessment test? See photo below. Results to be shared in due course.in-house sleep assessment test