James’ News & Progress – 2nd Oct 2012

I guess it would not hurt to share my current program to give you a feel of how I spend my rehabilitation time, especially because a new eight-week program has just been finalised. I would, however, point out that the content is particularly slim this period, compared to recent months and years, specifically to allow for greater time liaising with researchers, doctors and spinal-cord specialists. In addition, subtly saving some specific energy to encourage effort into a couple of other interesting endeavours.

As a bare minimum, each fortnight, I will now complete the following:

7 hours physiotherapy with Adrian
at least 6 walks outside of structured sessions i.e. walking to bed, random outdoor walks etc
at least 6 hours of stretching in the standing frame i.e. weight-bearing through legs to extend the range of troublesome calves
1 session of tennis or swimming
4 personal training sessions
at least 4 sessions with hands in stretch boards and
at least 6 sessions on the Nu step (a seated cross trainer) working up to an hour per session

Out of interest, below is the breakdown of my physiotherapy element:

1-hour endurance crutch walking
1 hour of ramp walking with crutches
1/2 hr of stretching
1/2 hr of steps
1/2 hr of standing balance
1/2 hr of core/exercise ball work
1/2 hr of trying one crutch walking
1/2 hr of high kneeling and trying to get up from lying down
1/2 hr of squats and lower limb strengthening
1/2 hr of trying sideways and backward walking
1 hr of random new functional tasks around the house (i.e. one 1/2 task each week. e.g. practice brushing teeth standing up)

Sarah and I have also agreed to include random outdoor walking into our weekend. This photo is the most recent, taken on Rushcutters Bay in Sydney.james-rushcutters-bay-sydney