James’ News & Progress – 9th Oct 2012

The long weekend in Sydney proved to be about as sport obsessed as humanly possible with the Aussie Rules Grand Final, the National Rugby League Grand Final, World Cup 20/20 Cricket and Ryder Cup Golf all on show. Not to mention Australia versus New Zealand in the netball. Something for almost everyone!!!!

Apart from the above, Sarah and I also managed to see Cirque du Soleil, spend a couple of hours at the driving range (mental note: Must Find A Way To Manufacturer A Swing Of Some Description Out Of This Crazy Body of Mine) and pick up my brand-new, handmade orthotic walking shoes. One can only describe them as Back to the Future meets Velcro Air Jordans.

What do you think of these little babies?james-puffin-magic-progress-october-2012


I have a follow-up appointment in 2 weeks, however first impressions are very positive and they seem to support my ankle comfortably without being too constrictive or bulky. In addition, the entire soul seems to make full contact with the ground on every step which increases stability and overall control. Velcro straps also make tightening and releasing the shoes much simpler. I am yet to test them 100% for pressure sores but overall I am quite impressed.

Shoes aside, I spent an hour with a shoulder specialist to set out strengthening and stretching program for my weaker and less mobile left arm as well as having a few dangerous moles burnt off my nose by a local dermatologist.

All in all, a busy but enjoyable, varied and effective week.

Hope yours was one to remember as well!!!